Annual Report 2019

President’s Letter to the Stakeholders

Planning the transformation

New challenges for new needs. We are all undergoing one of the greatest transformations in recent history, as we find ourselves in a new context dictated by the health emergency that is profoundly changing our lives and the way we work, imposing new shared priorities.
New needs emerge in living spaces that require urban environments on a more human scale, versatile but at the same time comfortable domestic spaces, able to combine with work needs that need to be rethought.

Futuro Img Hp

The future that will come

A new normality

The health emergency caused by Covid-19 has confronted us with the need to rethink the spaces in which we live, living our homes, workplaces and, more generally, our cities in a profoundly different way

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Ripensare Progetto Hp

Rethinking the Project

The cultural contribution of our people

In these months, the People of Politecnica have been experiencing a change that will lead to a normality characterized by different needs in conceiving physical spaces and different functions of use compared to those to which we are traditionally accustomed.

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Highlights 2019

Politecnica’s projects and initiatives towards the objectives of the Global Agenda

  • Goal 3
  • Goal 4
  • Goal 5
  • Goal 7
  • Goal 9
  • Goal 11
  • We design facilities that ensure access to essential quality health care services


    12 hospital facilities designed in Italy and around the world over the last 4 years for the well-being of the patient, with comfortable, functional environments and excellent technology to ensure quality healthcare.

    Zealand University Hospital, Køge Denmark
    Galliera Hospital, Genoa

  • The functional and architectural features of a project are the key to the success of educational activities.


    12 buildings for teaching and education designed in the last 4 years.
    Our engineers and architects take students’ needs, disabilities, gender equality needs into account to design learning environments that are safe, non-violent and inclusive.

    Polytechnic of Milan Bovisa-La Masa Campus
    Health Campus, University of Pavia

  • “Designing with humanity” means putting at the centre the needs of the community in which the project is developed.


    43% of our people are women. All our projects will be enjoyed by both men and women. We believe that having different points of view, shared, united as a common factor, is a unique value in planning to provide answers to the needs of the whole human race.

    Film initiative “Women in Venezuelan chaos”
    Protocol for the prevention of harassment at workplace, Politecnica with FILCAMS/CGIL Union
    Participation in the initiative “Bargaining against discrimination, harassment, violence. All together against!”

  • Less energy, less emissions: designing works for a sustainable future


    8 energy certified /under certification projects by international bodies among the projects carried out in the last 5 years. Designing for a sustainable future means thinking about the future, the next generations, the impact that the work will have on the surrounding environment and on people throughout its life cycle.

    Beverara 21-23 Headquarter, Bologna
    Corporate EU Joint Research Centre Restaurant, Ispra

  • The ultimate goal of an infrastructure is to connect peoples and communities of people


    9 infrastructures in Italy and in developing countries designed in the last 3 years, where every choice of our designers can have a significant social impact. It is necessary to understand the needs of the works’ users and listen to the communities. A value that goes beyond technology.

    Coastal Highway, Belize
    Sun Cycling Path, Italy

  • Participatory design makes projects functional to the needs of communities and therefore more resilient in the long term.


    11 associations, citizens, non-profit organizations and socio-cultural bodies with which we interact to implement our projects. Collaboration with bodies and institutions is essential in order to ensure that the social and human aspect is at the core of all our projects, even before the technical aspect. We do believe that the success of a work is measured, above all, in terms of potential shared benefit for the final users.

    Austrian Arsenal “Franz Josef I” new Ars District of Verona
    Creativity Park, urban regeneration Former AMCM Modena area

  • 18 Mln €

    Turnover 2019

    32%(Total acquisitions 8,7 Mln €)

    Presence on foreign markets

    26 Mln €(+ 30%)

    Projects acquired

    +55%(7 Mln to 11 Mln €)

    Projects acquired
    through tenders in Italy

    +50%(Total acquisitions 6,8 Mln €)

    Projects acquired
    private market

    +30%(20 to 26 Mln €)

    Order backlog
    versus 2018

  • Consumption

    481 t

    total quantity of CO2
    produced in 2019

    3,1 ml

    amount of water
    used (Megaliters))

    6,1 t

    amount of paper
    used in 2019


    ISO 9001

    Quality Management System: certification extension to the scope of application for the use of BIM methods and tools

    ISO 14001

    Environmental Management System: extension of the Certification to the Florence office

    OHSAS 18001

    Health and Safety Management System: extension of the certification to the Florence office. In 2020 is expected the transition of the certification according to ISO 45001 standard



    The presidente
    and CEO is a woman

    2 out of 5

    of the Board
    members are women

    1 su 4

    tra i direttori
    è donna


    of staff
    are women


    of staff
    are men

    Training and Technology


    hours of training provided in 2019
    of which 1,642 dedicated to BIM


    of 2019 turnover invested
    in new equipment

  • Progetti Sdgs 1
  • Galliera Ospedale
  • Campus Milano
  • Campus Salute
  • Beverara
  • Sdgs7 Jrc Ristorante
  • Autostrada Costiera
  • Ciclovia Sole
  • Arsenale
  • Parco Creativita
  • Progetti Sdgs 1
  • Galliera Ospedale
  • Campus Milano
  • Campus Salute
  • Beverara
  • Sdgs7 Jrc Ristorante
  • Autostrada Costiera
  • Ciclovia Sole
  • Arsenale
  • Parco Creativita

Our SDGs projects

Thought by, and for, the people

The Global Agenda for Sustainable Development (Agenda 2030), ratified at the UN summit in September 2015 by 193 countries, encompasses the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), divided into 169 targets.

Crespellano Politecnica

Our 2019

Solid results allow
to look to the future with confidence

The solid results of 2019 consolidate Politecnica’s growth and development path and provide important reliability for 2020 and the coming years: a turnover of over 18 million euros, which confirms the objectives of the 2018-2020 industrial plan and a Contract Portfolio of over 40 million euros, 26% greater than 2018.

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Sdgs Goals

Road to 2030

Our commitment to the Global Agenda

We have chosen to contribute to the achievement of the objectives of the UN Agenda 2030 and outlined a roadmap of concrete initiatives to pursue sustainable development, drawing inspiration from all those issues that have a direct impact on people’s well-being and social development.

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Valori Politecnica

The values of Politecnica

Building for Humans

Politecnica is a society founded on respect for people and the planet, values that have guided us since we established, acquiring renewed sense in today’s world.

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People at the center

Our Stories

Politecnica is a company made up of people, engineers, architects and technical experts, men and women who create projects for people and share the vision of an integrated design of works respecting the communities: “Building for Humans”. Politecnica’s projects are at the service of mankind.