President’s Letter to the Stakeholders

President’s Letter to the Stakeholders

Planning the transformation

New challenges for new needs. We are all undergoing one of the greatest transformations in recent history, as we find ourselves in a new context dictated by the health emergency that is profoundly changing our lives and the way we work, imposing new shared priorities.
New needs emerge in living spaces that require urban environments on a more human scale, versatile but at the same time comfortable domestic spaces, able to combine with work needs that need to be rethought.
In this context, Designing takes on a renewed meaning as a discipline at the service of people and able to meet new needs.

Serving people. The role of the designers is renewed in the contribution they can give in order to create Projects at the service of the Community, where the culture of the project, humanism and social responsibility – values that have underpinned Politecnica since it was founded – today more than ever must guide the response to new needs, to look to the future with renewed enthusiasm.

Rethinking the future of our cities. Increasingly integrated skills will give the end user greater access to sustainable lifestyles, both personal and professional. A new quality that must be accessible to all to meet the needs of safety, comfort, rights and equality. We need to renew our cities, without distinction between centre and suburbs, creating real ecosystems with neighborhoods equipped with all essential services.

This must happen at the same time, without dispersing what we have achieved over time. The immense historical and architectural heritage that characterizes our country needs to be returned to the Communities, transforming what is existing without necessarily having to consume new resources.

A rapid transition is essential towards the evolution of infrastructure systems into integrated, modern, safe and efficient transport hubs that promote sustainable and accessible mobility through technology.

We must therefore think of the cities of the future no longer as an objective to be achieved, but as the starting point for a new global challenge in which the person is at the centre, as the ultimate recipient of each Project, towards whom more and more empathy and respect is needed.

Our people at the center. Similarly, the focus of Politecnica’s attention is on its people – associates, collaborators, employees – to whom we devote attention in carrying out corporate welfare policies and initiatives to reconcile work and family commitments, inclusive work initiatives and in favor of gender equality, continuing our commitment to the employment of women.

Our people have all contributed to the results that in recent years allowed us to continue to grow and create value for the Company and for all Stakeholders.

A solid story to look to the future with confidence. With a 2019 in which Politecnica has achieved important development goals in Italy and abroad, a growing Contract Portfolio that allows us to have a significant visibility for the coming years and a solid financial position, we look to the future with determination and confidence.

Francesca Federzoni
President of Politecnica

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