The values of Politecnica

The values of Politecnica

Politecnica is a society founded on respect for people and the planet, values that have guided us since we established, acquiring renewed sense in today’s world.
Our engineers, architects and technicians share a vision of design at the service of man, where design challenges face the needs of communities with the aim of creating works that contribute to improving the quality of life.

Ambienti Politecnica

Social responsibility

As a cooperative society, our founding values are primarily social responsibility and solidarity. People have always been at the heart of our work and all our projects: we are responsible and in solidarity with our customers, with the people and communities who will be using our work, with the territories we operate in, as well as the planet with its precious resources.

Cresp Valori Politecnica


People designing for people. We intend sustainability primarily as taking responsibility for designing structures and buildings for people’s use. Our projects are focused on the ultimate goal of the work, which shall be specifically designed for its use: infrastructures offering exchange and relations opportunities to the communities, or technologically innovative, inclusive and safe buildings for health care and education.

Cooperazione Politecnica


The humanism has always distinguished us, we have been developing it since our establishment between the partners, the associates and the employees, towards our customers and all stakeholders; the sense of the common good that allows us to focus always on people, meaning our staff and those people who will be using the works we design.

Cultura Del Progetto

Project culture

The culture of the project has been characterizing and distinguishing us from the start: we are engineers, architects and specialized technical experts. This allows us to tackle a project with an integrated vision for the benefit of the final result and the client, who finds in Politecnica a single interlocutor able to manage the complexity of a work.

Indipendenza Politecnica


A distinctive feature of Politecnica, which makes us the best partner for a client; our independence allowed us to develop projects all over the world and in every field, public and private, in schools and healthcare, industry, services, infrastructure.

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