First prize for the new Livorno Hospital Competition

28 August 2023

We are happy to announce that the design team led by RossiProdi with Politecnica has been awarded 1st prize for the new Livorno Hospital competition.

A new modern, efficient, green, human-scale building, structured on 3 floors, with a lake and a 400-car underground parking garage.

A big #thank to the entire project team Prodim, Land, Massimo Moglia and Geol. Dr. Giorgio della Croce and to the Municipality of Livorno to Asl Toscana Nord Ovest for giving us the opportunity to get involved in the design of what will be a new hospital of the future. A new element that will help to enhance the city of Livorno in terms of architecture, urban planning, and infrastructure for the successful development of the community that lives there.