A green project: renovation of Cavaniglia Pavilion

10 February 2023

The final project for the restoration of the Fortezza da Basso walls and the renovation of the Cavaniglia Pavilion has finally been presented. The intervention is promoted by Regione Toscana, Comune di Firenze, Città metropolitana di Firenze, Camera di Commercio.

The project designed by Politecnica in collaboration with Stefano Boeri architetti, Consilium, Spira, arch. Maria di Benedetto, arch. Vincenzo Vaccari, arch. Lorenzo Vallerini includes the renovation of over 2800 mq exhibition space and a 3200 mq floating green area on the roof. A walking path along the entire perimeter of the walls will bring visitors back the original perception of the Fortezza.

The new pavilion will be a jewel of modern engineering able to catch the CO2 emissions and create a microclimate to maximise the thermal exchange and reduce the building’s energy consumption.

“A project destined to become an iconic public space for the city, a bridge between past and future” – Arch. Alessandro Uras, Head of Architectural Design and Restoration


Discover more about the Project, read the dedicated Press Release