Nonantola Abbey

28 September 2018

Nonantola, in Modena area, regains possession of its abbey damaged by the earthquake in 2012. Our professionals, responsible for the restoration process, have taken care of, and followed together with the involved team members, the restoration of the entire monument, safeguarding its value and safety to return it to believers and visitors.

Over two kilometers of steel cables were used for the apse, the façade and the roof of the abbey to meet safety standards. During the works implementation, all the works of art and the walls inside the building were restored, for  the total cost of 1.7 million euro, to which contributed the Region, the C.E.I. (Italian Bishops’ Conference), the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and sympathetic people’s sms.

The first intervention on the roof provided for the replacement of the damaged elements, the connection of the wooden trusses to the masonry, the construction of a double plinth on the slopes and the reconstruction of the roofing. We then proceeded to consolidate the perimeter and façade walls by innovative techniques, previously experimented and tested. Inside the Abbey, new connecting chains have been placed to reinforce the arches of the central nave;  the masonry, as well as the beautiful fifteenth-century capitals, were consolidated and restored.

Thanks to a remarkable teamwork, it was achieved the shared goal of restoring the adequate value of the works carried out.

Download the document with the summary of the works carried out inside the Abbey.


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