AGO Modena Fabbriche Culturali

7 December 2022

After the presentation event last night, we are pleased to introduce AGO Modena Fabbriche Culturali. A new project in collaboration with the design group Carlo Ratti Associati, Italo Rota, Francesco Doglioni and Hoberman Associates.

The restoration and redevelopment project, recovers the ancient monumentality of the former Sant’Agostino Hospital and turns it into the spaces of a cultural center devoted to interdisciplinarity, experimentation and the attraction of talent, which inherits a historical heritage and opens it up to the community and sociality.

Politecnica, which has been involved for years now in the complex work of redevelopment and restoration of the monumental complex, is finally proud to be able to devote its commitment to the recovery and evolution of this important piece of the city of Modena, which will become one of the main cultural and innovation hubs in the Country.

Many thanks for this unique opportunity to the Fondazione di Modena the Comune di Modena and UNIMORE together with the whole design team.