Begins of new Amideria Chiozza restoration design

26 October 2021

The Amideria of Ruda is ready to rebirth.

The detailed design phase for the restoration and development of the entire complex of over 10,000 square meters, closed since 1986, is now officially started.

The starting point of our challenging restoration project, developed thanks to the Municipality of Ruda together with Cooprogetti, Studio Associato Pessina-Lanza of Palmanova and Monica Endrizzi is the exceptional historical and social value of the building, which for many years has been a place of work and a reference production center for all the local communities.

The project combines the respect and valorisation of the original architecture with proven intervention techniques and strategies (HBIM) aimed at renovating the building in terms of environmental sustainability and efficient energy management. Technology, innovation and local tradition will contribute, together with new functions, to the rebirth of the “new” Amideria that will become the new cultural center of the whole region, enhancing the territory, in synergy with the surrounding UNESCO sites.


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Project concept

Project concept

Project concept