BIM and the future of infrastructure

Event: 2 July 2019

Will the BIM infrastructure projects developed in the 21st century be useful to our successors in the 23rd century?

At Politecnica we are convinced that any future intervention concerning the complex and vast network of Italian infrastructure will first have to interface with the existing structures. Innovation and the use of appropriate digital tools, together with a huge cultural change, will allow us to look back and forth, without erasing the legacy of previous generations.

Only in this way will we be able to obtain new resilient, secure, efficient and sustainable infrastructure, structured on BIM models useful to our successors in the 23rd century.

This and much more will be discussed by our BIM Manager Barbara Frascari, together with many other guests, during the seminar organized by One Team in collaboration with Nord_ing (FNM Group) entitled “BIM Experiences for the Future of Infrastructure-Technology at the Service of Security” to be held in Milan on July 2nd.


Official website and programme of the seminar

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