COVID-19 webinar: knowledge sharing without borders

16 December 2020

Politecnica organized two digital workshop entitled “Architecture & Engineering for Covid-19 proof Hospitals: the Italian experience”, together with the National Orders of Engineers and Architects of Belize (APEB, APAB) and Jamaica (JIE) and with the participation of International Financing Institutions for the Caribbean and the National Health Authorities.

In a context in which the pandemic is affecting all of the countries in the world and where health systems are at the forefront, the exchange of knowledge between architects and engineers – with the sharing of successful cases in the realisation of Covid-proof hospital solutions – is one of the keys to win the global challenge.

In the spring of 2020, Politecnica was one of the companies involved at the forefront of assistance to the Italian National Health System and it has quickly and effectively developed projects for the construction of intensive care facilities. This projects were then donated by the Company to support existing hospitals.

In light of this experience the Politecnica team composed by Enea Sermasi, Head of International Business Development, Claudia Romero, Chief Architect of the Healthcare Division e Marcello Gusso, Senior Mechanical Engineer, shared with their colleagues from Belize and Jamaica, countries where Politecnica has been operating for several years, the know-how matured in the health sector and above all in the current context to allow the Caribbean countries to acquire the necessary skills to quickly respond to the emergency.

The workshops are part of the series of initiatives launched by Politecnica with the aim of bringing Italian best practices and contributing to the improvement of professional skills, technological development, research and innovation in developing countries, through training sessions, exchange of skills between designers and knowledge transfer sessions on the most innovative themes in design.