EN: LAB the new nZEB building at Politecnico di Milano

7 October 2022

The new EN: LAB building of the Politecnico di Milano takes place on the La Masa Campus in Via Lambruschini. The structure, the new headquarter of the university’s Energy Department, is divided in four levels and inside will find offices, classrooms, multi-functional laboratories and some of them for the electrochemistry division.

This is a building with very high energy performance with almost zero energy needs (nZEB), and this is guaranteed with an insulating skin. Inside the building there are other systems that contribute to the low energy use: controlled mechanical ventilation systems for recovering thermal energy, airtightness and high thermic inertia. The presence of photovoltaic systems regulate the correct temperature of the building during the year.

The project, designed by the University of Milan, was developed in its final design phase by Politecnica.

(Realisation: AEGIS cantarelli + Partners and ETS spa).