Expo 2020 Dubai: Politecnica 50 years of future challenges

17 March 2022

News from Expo 2020: our experience in Dubai continues. Yesterday Enea Sermasi, Politecnica’s International Business Development Manager, attended to the workshop “Seminar on Italian SMEs” organized by the Commissariat General of Italy for Expo 2020 Dubai.

We accepted the invitation of ACI – Alleanza delle Cooperative Italiane and ICE-ITA Dubai Office to bring a fundamental message for us. We believe in international cooperation as one of the primary drivers to  find solutions in response to global economic, social and environmental challenges.

The corporate video streamed during the event (min 03:18), talks about our vision and values, based on responsibility, experience and consolidated technical skills. In our Company’s 50th anniversary we reinforce our vision of design to serve global change and sustainable transition.

The future is near and only together will we be able to face all today’s challenges.