Figline reservoir: executive project approved

9 January 2023

Arno in security!

The Tuscany Region, Department for the Defence of the Soil and Civil Protection have approved the Executive Project for the Figline expansion reservoirs – Lot Prulli. The works of this work will begin in 2023 and will be articulated in two units.

The project, designed by BETA Studio s.r.l., Hydrogeo Engineering, Politecnica Ingegneria ed Architettura, Ing. Ivano Leandri and Dr. Agr. Agr. Elena Lanzi, is focused on protecting of the Tuscan territories and the Arno river security.

The Figline lamination system includes the creation of a temporary reservoir in Prulli for flood control. The reservoir will have a capacity of ca. 6.8 Mm3 and an interior surface area of 134 ha. The Prulli expansion reservoir is part of a bigger system to reduce the highest flows of the Arno river that run to the city of Florence.

Thanks to this important work, any possible damage caused a flood will be significantly reduced in Florence, protecting the city and its historical and artistic patrimony.