Film Politecnica Futura

29 December 2022

Ten days have passed since the event Politecnica 50 a Teatro. Before thanking all the people who participated and showing the photos of the night, we are excited to share the film ‘Politecnica Futura’, remiered during the event at the theatre.

Generations of designers, of all ages and genders, mingle and confront each other in the dialectic spirit of cooperation, which is also the ingredient of creativity, and become protagonists in the short film by Paolo Fiore Angelini, a director, screenwriter and film producer from Emilia. The short film illustrates and stages the moments of life and work that reveal and unveil the professional and human value of a great collective adventure, the reality of Politecnica in Italy and around the world.

Many thanks to the director Paolo Fiore Angelini, his troupe Francesco Saverio Valentini (Photography), Massimiliano Bartolini (Editing), Massimo Vastano (Sound), Jan Maio (Sound Mix), Politecnica ‘actors’ Sergio Virdis, Ilaria Mazzi, Sara Giua, Simone Giandomenico, Stefano Maffei, Corrado Giacobazzi and our Clients who made this possible.

Watch the full film.