Grand Inauguration Ceremony of Coastal Highway, Belize

7 July 2023

Big news from Belize!

Twenty years ago there was the idea of upgrading the road and today this dream became reality. The Coastal Highway, one of the main roads in the country with 58 km, is inaugurated.

The project, designed by Politecnica, focused on upgrading the old road with the aim of upgrading it to an infrastructure that could be used for transport and traffic at any time of the year.

The Coastal Highway will improve the daily lives of the local communities, and will promote the development of business and the viability of the complete Country.

“We are very pleased to see this important project completed today, as it shows the strong and successful relationship with local institutions and professionals, which is based on a collaboration to contribute the development of Belize” – Alessio Gori, Politecnica Partner and Project Manager

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