Green Life: a LEED® Platinum certified Headquarter

Event: 27 February 2020

Why make a green building? And why certify it? What is the value produced for the entire community?

Commitment, design, construction and certification together for a common idea of sustainability in construction. This will be discussed at the conference organised on 27 February 2020 at the new Green Life Crédit Agricole Italia Headquarter, where guided visits to the Arboretum Park, which hosts over 500 new trees, the bioclimatic Ecoufficies and the Forum, will provide the opportunity to discuss and learn about solutions on issues such as personal well-being, the efficiency of buildings and the sustainability of the entire project.

Politecnica’s works with Frigerio Design and Policreo has allowed Green Life to become the first case in Emilia Romagna of a Platinum certified building, the highest level foreseen by the LEED® energy-environmental protocol.

During the event, which will also be attended by our LEED AP Ferdinando Sarno, there will be the ceremony of delivery of the building’s certification plate.


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