Factory 4.0: sustainability and artificial intelligence
for the new Lamborghini Paint Shop

4 July 2019

Industry is changing and successful companies are moving towards models based on environmental sustainability, intelligent systems and increased automation. Politecnica has tried to encourage and support this change since the beginning, as demonstrated by yesterday’s opening of Lamborghini Automobili’s new Paint Shop in Sant’Agata Bolognese.

The expansion of the production site, entirely designed by us with an integrated and multidisciplinary approach, “rethinks the factory” allowing a 30% reduction in land use compared to a comparable painting plant.

Inside, 25% of the energy used comes from renewable sources (Class A energy building) thanks to the use of 95% water-based colours and the application of new technologies that re-introduce waste materials into the production process.

200 new employees will work within a new modular and flexible production path, based on maximum customization thanks to the use of artificial intelligence able to program processes based on priorities previously “learned”.