INGENIO and the Structural design project of the new Milan Linate Control Tower

25 October 2021

Today INGENIO, one of the main Italian technical portals, talks about our structural project for the new Milano Linate Control Tower Enav S.p.A.

The new heart of the airport business will include, in addition to the 44-metre tower, a Technical Block for offices, services and technical equipments. Developed in collaboration with Mythos S.C.AR.L. and Tecno Engineering 2C S.r.l., the new Centre is the result of a wide feasibility study process based on an constant dialogue between the designers and the Client (Ing. S. Amici, Arch. F. Parise, Ing. T. Paudice).

Functions, systems, regulations and architecture are all integrated into a single solution characterised by extremely advanced structural standards that generate high technological value, essential issue for this type of project.


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Photo credits: Mario Frusca


Politecnica professionals work on the models of the new Technological Center and Tower

Model of the new Tower and Technology Center

Model of the new Tower and Technology Center