Jamaica Essex Valley Agriculture Development Project

15 October 2020

The Essex Valley Agriculture Development Project represents for us a new challenge with a great impact on the social and economic context of the whole Jamaica.

Politecnica’s project involves the construction of an office building, two central storage buildings, a centralised transformation building and 150 peripheral storage facilities to support the entire agricultural community, which represents about 40% of the local population.

The entire redevelopment program, funded by the Caribbean Development Bank and the Caribbean-United Kingdom Infrastructure Partnership Fund, will equip 700 Companies and four Consortiums with innovative irrigation systems and agro-industrial infrastructure to assist and increase production, improving the efficiency and productivity of the entire island, according to principles of sustainability and attention to climate and environment.

We are proud of this new assignment with GDM Associates Ltd as local partner, further recognition of the value of our design approach, where listening to local communities and their needs is a decisive element in order to design functional and long-term sustainability works.


Learn more about the Project, read the Press Release