MA2020, HBIM: an heritage resource

29 May 2020

Guests of MantovArchitettura Alessandro Uras (7:15), member of Politecnica and restoration and renovation expert, and Margherita Di Carlo (28:23), young trainee architect who has been working with us since September 2019, illustrated the main themes of HBIM in two important ongoing projects.

We believe that renovating and enhancing the historical and architectural heritage is a challenge that requires knowledge, technical skills and deep respect. A philosophy that we try to share every day, training new professional figures that in the coming years will be in great demand in the construction sector.

We would like to thank the Politecnico di Milano and MantovaLab for hosting us and helping us to explore these important issues, foundations for the development of projects that regenerate and protect the cultural and historical heritage of all communities.


Watch the video with all the speeches

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