Mitoraj Museum by OBR and Politecnica

7 January 2020

Work has begun in Pietrasanta: the current municipal market will be transformed into the new Museum of the Mitoraj collection. An important intervention of architectural and artistic enhancement, signed by OBR and Politecnica, which will be able to generate new interactions with the cultural system of the city and the whole Versilia area.

The architectural and museographic project is the result of the work of a multidisciplinary team and experts, which has been brought into the specificity of Pietrasanta with the aim of enhancing the entire Mitoraj Collection and the figure of Igor Mitoraj, the Polish artist who lived most of his life in Pietrasanta.

The Museum will not only be an exhibition space, but will become a pole of international attraction like the whole Versilia, a structure capable of hosting events at 360 degrees, 365 days a year.

The structure will attract energies and interests in the field of art and thanks to an optimized system of different permanent and temporary exhibition structures, it will become a new meeting place, hearth and driving force of the whole area.