New Maritime station, Villa San Giovanni

4 August 2023

The first design phase for the new maritime station in the Port of Villa San Giovanni has been delivered.

The project is part of a larger upgrade plan of the entire intermodal hub, also designed by Politecnica in synergy with RFI and the Port Authority. The new hub will connect directly to the redevelopment of the train station by providing a more welcoming environment for passengers and optimizing the foot traffic management moving across the Strait of Messina.

The new Terminal will therefore play a key role. Inside it will accommodate public (hall, bar and ticket offices) and administrative functions.

The new passenger areas are designed as flexible spaces with possibilities for future expansion and imagined as a large environment overlooking the Straits with ticket counters positioned on the inner side facing the city.

A new intermodal rail-maritime hub for Villa San Giovanni where passengers will always be able to move safely and in maximum comfort.