New Territory Museum: redevelopment of the former Piva brick kiln in Riccione

20 August 2020

From a disused industrial building to a new city heart centre: after the approval of the project the structure of the former Piva brick kiln in Riccione is finally ready to rise to new life.

The regeneration project, signed by Politecnica, promotes the creation of a new museum centre starting from the recovery and restoration of the external facades of the former industrial building. The external walls, once recovered, will host inside a new transparent two-floor volume with exhibition areas, cafeteria bar, bookshop, laboratories and classrooms.

Respect for the original architecture of the former factory is combined with the introduction of new social and educational functions, realizing a new cultural space that responds concretely to the needs of all citizens.


On the left the former Piva brick kiln (external walls)