Nine years after the earthquake: interactive map of recovery projects

20 May 2021

Nine years after the Emilia Romagna earthquake, Politecnica confirms its commitment to the recovery of the damaged areas. Our professionals have been involved from the beginning in the safety assurance and verification of the damage suffered by our heritage, engaging in the implementation of projects aimed at the rehabilitation of many sites, returning all buildings to the community.

Among the many interventions deserve particular attention those realized on artistic and architectural heritage for the symbolic power, identity and culture that these represent in our territories. These include the restoration and seismic improvement of historic buildings and villas, monumental cemeteries, religious sites such as churches, oratories, cathedrals, castles and theaters.

Being part of the reconstruction allows the artistic and architectural heritage to be preserved over time and contributes to the process of social and civil reconciliation.


Browse through the interactive map and discover all the projects realized by Politecnica for the post-earthquake recovery.