Palazzo degli Affari in Florence: works begins

2 February 2021

How to upgrade a listed building while preserving innovative values and qualities?

Politecnica is pleased to announce the start of work on the restoration of the Palazzo degli Affari in Florence. A new challenge that aims to upgrade the building, located near the station, designed in 1973 by Italian architect and designer Pierluigi Spadolini.

4,000 square metres divided into 5 completely redeveloped floors, which will transform the Palace into an elegant, ultra-modern conference centre and exhibition space according to the most advanced technological standards.

The aim of the project is to redevelop the building in terms of energy efficiency and performance, to make it eco-sustainable, in particular by upgrading and rehabilitating the building envelope and updating the systems.

A perfect mix of high technology, innovation, use of renewable resources, spatial and functional optimisation.


Find out more, read the Press Release





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