Olbia New Flood Protection Plan

27 February 2018

Politecnica is the leading company of the designers JV which drafted the Feasibility Study for the Flood protection and hydraulic risk management plan of the town of Olbia. The new proposal, revising and amending the existing Piano Mancini, was unanimously approved by Olbia  Town Council on February 9  2018: it offers three options, the best one of which features a  flood way 11 km long, partially running into the tunnel, and two detention basins. Such solution, in the occurrence of extreme events, reduces to a third the current volume of water entering the city, in the aim at requalifying – environmentally and human friendly- the town rivers and  banks, proposing a civil use that in some cases is even navigable.

Type sections – Photo credit: © Metassociati


Comparison between alternative solution and Piano Mancini


Waterfront Rio Seligheddu, Via Re di Puglia side – Photo credit: © Metassociati


Waterfront Rio Seligheddu, Parco Mario Cervo side – Photo credit: © Metassociati


The dock and the crossing of the Via Tre Venezie bridge – Photo credit: © Metassociati


Project plan Rio Siligheddu- Photo credit: © Metassociati

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