Politecnica 50: Family & Friends

3 August 2022

The Politecnica50 party is already a good memory, but we want to thank the people who made the evening unforgettable.

We share the video of our ‘Family and Friends’ who have collaborated on important projects and supported supported our reality through these years.


Thank you again for all your support and dedication

Branko Zrnic | Founder and President of ATI PROJECT

Patrizia Vianello | Founder of AMBIENTE S.P.A

Matteo Bordugo | CEO of COOPROGETTI S.C.R.L

Alfredo Ingletti | Co-Founder, Chairman, Technical Director of 3TI PROGETTI and new Vice-President of OICE

Anna Osello | Ordinary Professor DISEG of the POLITECNICO di TORINO

Marco Mingrone | Head of Legislative Office and Design and Engineering Sector of LEGACOOP

Gabriele Scicolone | CEO of ARTELIA ITALIA

Aldo Norsa | Scientific Advisor and shareholder of GUAMARI SRL

Ilaria Sangaletti | Landscape architect of POOL-LANDSCAPE

Caterina Gerolimetto | Architect of POOL-LANDSCAPE

Elisa Frappi | Agronomist of POOL-LANDSCAPE