Politecnica and smart working in the days of Covid-19

12 March 2020

Let’s make sure it’s not just words. On many occasions during these days we have heard about smart work and all the benefits that greater flexibility and a corporate culture based on collaboration determine in the life of companies and workers.

With the Covid-19 emergency, for days now our main offices have been working as smart working as possible to protect our people and help contain the infection.

Politecnica as a community that has existed for almost 50 years, has decided to react to this health emergency that is creating so many difficulties and problems. Without surrendering to fear and in compliance with all health regulations, we continue our research to overcome the other emergency, the economic one.

Moved by a strong sense of responsibility towards the future of our community and united by the spirit that has always distinguished us, we will have one more chance to succeed this time too.

We thank PPAN for allowing us to express ourselves through the words of our CEO Francesca Federzoni.