Politecnica continues to support ROOTS Project

1 October 2021

We are proud to announce that AIW‘s ROOTS Project is about to become a reality.

Since the first meeting with the Association last January, Politecnica has enthusiastically embraced AIW’s vision, providing a team of professionals to offer a series of pro bono services for the design and construction of the new ROOTS location.

Two areas in the San Paolo Complex in Modena, one of the main restoration projects designed by Politecnica, will be completely regenerated and turned into a new restaurant and co-working areas for all women who want to work in restaurant business.

A new women’s empowerment centre that will promote work inclusion by creating social connections, a new community hub, a place for interaction, sharing and integration.


More about ROOTS Project


The Politecnica team in the “Cortile del Leccio”, San Paolo Complex in Modena

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