Politecnica’s contribution to the development of the IFC Road standard

25 May 2022

May 19th, in Rome, took place the fifth IBIMI national conference. Politecnica joined the event for the relaunch of the major works included in the PNRR with the release of IFC4.3.

Politecnica’s team with Alessio Gori, our Project and BIM Manager, took part in working group IFC Road Italia. The focus of this group was to test the open format standard IFC4.3 for the application in road projects. During the last months, some activities were carried out, starting with the analysis of the IFC4.3 and concluding with the application and modelling within a case study of a road design.

The chosen federated model was based on the design by our architects and engineers. This success is above all a reason for pride and satisfaction for the activity carried out by us.

Special thanks to IBIMI, Building Smart Italia and the University of Padova.


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