Prevention of harassment and violence in the workplace

23 October 2019

After the signing of the protocol against harassment and violence in the workplace and the transposition of the protocol itself into the company’s supplementary contract during 2018, in 2019 Politecnica began to give substance to the protocol itself through two important initiatives.

On Monday, October 28th, at our offices in Modena, a training meeting will be held for all our people, useful to illustrate the use of Whistleblowing regulations, not only to report any relevant crimes under the organizational model, but also as a reporting system for issues related to harassment or violence in the workplace. During the meeting, an anonymous questionnaire will be distributed to all Politecnica staff in order to draw a picture of the Company’s internal climate and thus create a context that helps to bring out any inconvenience for the staff.

In addition to this important initiative, our CEO Francesca Federzoni has also decided to take part in the meeting with the association Gruppo Donne e Giustizia, organised by the CGIL CISL, UIL, Comitato Imprenditoria Femminile and Comitato Unitario. The event, which will take place on Wednesday 27th November at 2.30 pm at the Chamber of Commerce of Modena, is characterized by the enhancement of bargaining in the workplace as a tool to combat discrimination, harassment and violence.

We strongly believe in these initiatives as useful tools to promote concrete actions and prevent harassment and violence through the spread of a culture that creates awareness of the phenomenon and does not underestimate it, allowing everyone to live in better working environments, with mutual respect for dignity at all levels.