Regeneration of rural Villas for the Resort Palazzo Varignana

14 December 2022

Politecnica took on the restoration and renovation of historic buildings and farmhouses in the natural landscape for the Resort Palazzo of Varignana, a unique place with special beauty that is located in the magical Bolognese hills.

Inside the property there are some country buildings that complete the hospitality service. The Villas, at one time ancient country cottages, and one of them is connected to the beautiful church of Santa Maria Maddalena, have been completely redesigned through a careful and precise study by Politecnica, which has given back the greatest splendour to these unique and wonderful structures.

The project included four buildings: Santa Maria Maddalena Luxury Villa that is developed in connection with the restoration of the ancient 14th-century chapel; La Colombara an old country cottage overlooking the Amphitheatre of the Vineyard; Tamburina a classic country house converted into a luxury residence; Rio Rosso a residence on two floors located in a beautiful Orto Garden.

All Villas are a dream of beauty and hospitality, in which the project and construction reveal histories to discover.