Remote Future and Bioarchitecture Week and Sustainability events

9 November 2018

Today we are in Naples and participate in the 32nd edition of Futuro Remoto. Maria Cristina Fregni in the workshop “Community – common good of urban peripheries and internal areas” will present the main urban, social and economic actions carried out by Politecnica for the development of paths of regeneration of communities, within urban peripheries, in internal areas and historic villages.

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Wednesday, November 14 we will be in Modena for the Week of Bioarchitecture and Sustainability, itinerant exhibition and flagship event of the territory with regard to environmental previews on sustainable design and construction. Barbara Frascari and Francesco Frassineti will present the case study project of the restoration of Villa Strozzi in Gonzaga, an important opportunity to explore the issues of management and development of HBIM (Historic Building Information Modelling) methodologies applied to the historical heritage.

Paola Gabrielli will then present the Philip Morris International Manufacturing & Technology project in Crespellano, the largest greenfield industrial complex in recent years in Italy, which has established itself as a new best practice for the design of industrial plants, revolutionizing the concept of production plant, increasingly focused on the physical and social well-being of workers.

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