Renovation of the former Corni area in Modena

27 October 2022

Giving new life to the territory, enhancing spaces and connections among people in favor of an urban rebirth that has the wealth of the community at its center.

This is the goal of Politecnica’s intervention on the former Fonderia Corni area, in the northern area of Modena. The project will consist in the creation of a temporary collective residence for students and workers with 365 beds, a new public equipped park of 14.500 mq and 1.000 mq area for retail shops for those who want to live their neighborhood.

The building for the temporary residence, designed by Politecnica, will cover 7.500 mq of groos floor area represent a manifest of innovation and environmental sustainability, thanks to the use of renewable energy and the creation of new equipped green areas.

Excavation for the cleanup of the area, that has remained unused for more than a decade, began on Sept. 28. The implementation of the work costs of two phases, each relating to a batch and related public works, such as parking lots, walkways, crosswalks and the planting of many different trees, in addition to the new park that will connect the new functions and the urban spaces already present.

Alongside Supernova, which owns the site, and the Municipality of Modena, Politecnica will contribute to the enhancement of the city and generate opportunities and connections with other urban areas that can change the territory.