Renovation of the former Enel station in Modena

24 January 2023

This summer construction works will begin for the second section of the renovation of the former Enel station in the former Amcm district of Modena. The building, together with the already restored building, will be the headquarters of Ert (Emilia-Romagna Teatro/Teatro Nazionale) and the Nuovo Teatro delle Passioni.

The executive and final project developed by Politecnica includes the restoration and spatial-functional reorganisation of 2500 mq for a theatre hall with 236 seats and the rooms for supporting theatre machine. The project also includes the renovation of the terrace, that will be used as a bar-restaurant.

At the same time, in the area next to the former Amcm building, the works for public construction continue: the underground car park and the square above it, but also the gym, the opening of that is planned on September.

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