Report 2018 on the Italian Construction, Architecture and Engineering Industry

4 December 2018

An integrated approach of the different disciplines: combining structural design, architecture, and plant engineering. This is what distinguishes us and allows us to deal with very complex interventions, in which every aspect is designed to work in an integrated way with the rest.

As proof of this characteristic, today we are in Rome happy to take part in the eighth edition of the Report on the Italian Construction, Architecture and Engineering Industry, thanks to the participation of our CEO Francesca Federzoni in the entire panel “Synergies between architecture and engineering”.

The report, published in collaboration with the group Il Sole – 24 Ore (in particular with the on-line newspaper Edilizia e Territorio) provides the most up-to-date data and information on the entire project offer (architecture/design and engineering, but also construction), examining the top of the entrepreneurial field. The Report is edited by Professor Aldo Norsa (formerly IUAV University of Venice) with the collaboration of Dr. Stefano Vecchiarino (Guamari).


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