Elderly Care Residence
“Focherini and Marchesi”

18 June 2018

A little over a year after the foundation stone was laid, on Friday 8 June 2018 the inauguration of the Elderly Care Residence “Focherini and Marchesi” of Appalto di Soliera was held. The structure is the result of an important investment that Gulliver Social Cooperative Society has decided to support by entrusting the planning and construction of the architectural structure and the associated plants to the designers of Politecnica.
Quality, environmental sustainability and speed in the design and construction of the work (Construction Company: GARC SpA), were the founding elements of our new project, all combined with the excellence of the service provided by Gulliver, in respect of future guests and the territory.

Read the Press Release and discover the project of the Elderly Care Residence “Focherini and Marchesi”.


Photo credit: Gabriele Melloni, Studio Cento29