Restyling of Palazzo degli Affari in Florence on Modulo magazine

21 November 2022

In the new number of Modulo the complete restyling of the Palazzo degli Affari in Florence. The project signed by Politecnica together with architect Elio Di Franco, Consilium and engineer Riccardo Chiti has given back to the city a building of great historical and cultural interest.

The building consists of five floors out of ground and two underground for a total of 4,000 mq, inside there are 15 conference rooms. The restoration work focused especially on the outdoor envelope, the facades showed evidence of degradation and deterioration, the aim was to bring the building back to its original beauty.

Thanks to this aesthetic-functional restyling, architect Spadolini’s Palazzo degli Affari has returned to being at the centre of the city’s conference and exhibition life, a real landmark for the community.

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