S.I.A.I.S 2019 National Congress

25 September 2019

Health demands are changing rapidly. What role do technical services have to play today to better manage this continuous evolution?

Our Healthcare Architect Claudia Romero will attend the S.I.A.I.S 2019 National Congress in Turin on Friday 26th. During the event he will tell, through his direct experience, how at Politecnica we have always exploited the problems of each health project, transforming them into new opportunities. An approach that aims to improve existing resources by providing modern and sustainable facilities that meet new service needs while optimizing space, energy and costs.

A continuous challenge that aims to manage and identify every need, planning and managing the complex technical activity and interacting more with people, systems and organizations.

The congress will host, during the two days scheduled, seminars and workshops with speakers and moderators from all over the country.


Visit the official website of the Congress and discover the program