Spazio’TENGO: the new Coop Reno Headquarter

27 September 2023

Finally, here we are on the inauguration day of Spazio’Tengo, Coop Reno’s new headquarter in Castel Guelfo of Bologna! For all of us at Politecnica and Fabrica, every time a project becomes reality is a great day, especially in this case. This is not only a project we thought of and realised together but also an example of sustainable architecture in Italy and Europe.

A building that like a plant “sprouts” and changes the landscape. A complex with strong social vocation, built on an architectural vision focused on the future, respectful of environmental impacts and adopting innovative technologies.

It’s really cool Spazio’Tengo! A big thanks goes to Coop Reno, his wonderful staff and President Andrea Mascherini for the trust that they had in our work from the beginning.

Discover more about the project, read the Press Release and know everyone who made this possible.