Sun Cycle Route: opening of the first Italian section

12 April 2021

Politecnica believes in the development of new sustainable infrastructures, key works for the country’s growth and symbolic value of raise and rebirth.

Tomorrow Tuesday, April 13 from 10:30 am, we will be happy to participate at the open live streaming event that will inaugurate the first Italian section of the Sun Cycle Route.

The technical and economic feasibility project of the entire cycle path was developed in 2019 by a joint venture with Politecnica leader. Many Stakeholders were managed, including 4 Regions, 2 Metropolitan Cities 5 Provinces and 73 Municipalities, leading to the development of all the next project phases.
Tomorrow we will assist with pleasure to the opening of the first Italian section of the Sun Cycle Route, designed and directed by Città Metropolitana di Bologna, which goes from Mirandola to Sala Bolognese for about 25 km along the former Bologna-Verona railway.

This is the first important milestone for the rapid realization of all subsequent stages that will complete the entire Sun Cycle Route, a true example of development of sustainable mobility in our country.


Connect to the opening event and discover more about the Project