Tekla Structures Day
and University of Ferrara meeting

21 May 2019

Our attitude to the use of new technologies, together with our ability to solve all the professional challenges undertaken, are the main themes of the two important events that enrich our agenda today.


In Milan Marcello Mancone, head of our Structures and Infrastructures Sector, will take part in the Tekla Structures 2018 Customer Day organised by Harpaceas.

During the event we will present as Case Study the new Coastal Highway project and we will be ready, together with many other guests, to make the most of this important technological event.


We will then move to Ferrara, where our CEO Francesca Federzoni will be the guest of the event “Scenarios for the development of the architectural project”. Our experience and skills rooted in our DNA of varied and vibrant collective of professionals – engineers, architects and technicians – will be the main topic of the meeting.

We believe in the development of future professions and together with Prof. Aldo, thanks to the University of Ferrara, we will share our experiences and methodologies with students and young professionals, trying to help them in their future professional choices.