The construction sites for the ‘Leonardo da Vinci’ bridge and the Fiumicino Airport viaduct consigned

18 November 2022

Two new construction sites, two important future infrastructures.

Works for the extraordinary maintenance of the strategic ‘Leonardo da Vinci’ bridge, which overpasses the Reno river and the Bologna-Pistoia railway, have begun. The renovation work, which will continue until the end of 2023, includes a partial deconstruction and reconstruction of the bridge with a new mixed steel-concrete.

The deconstruction of the Fiumicino Airport viaduct, dating of the 1960s in reinforced cement, is the first step for its reconstruction. The construction works, which will start in January 2023, will be completed in two years and will include a first phase of demolition of the structure without damaging the environmental and historical peculiarities of the Archaeological Park in which it is situated.

ANAS in the last weeks gave the works to Politecnica, the group leader of the team of designers for both projects, which will be occupied with the safety, demolition and reconstruction of the two connections. The aim is to give back to the community these two important arterial roads.

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