The Factory of the Future and TalkS 2019

Event: 13 March 2019

Project on human-scale, regeneration and new technologies are the themes that inaugurate the week of Politecnica. During the morning of Wednesday, March 13 we will be in Modena and Paola Gabrielli, during the opening of the Factory of the Future, a project supported by Politecnica, will present our company and illustrate the contents of the project.

At the same time Maria Cristina Fregni, thanks to the invitation of Teamsystem STR and Guamari, will be at Digital Week in Milan and during TalkS 2019 will present the project of regeneration of the urban area ex-Amcm in Modena, demonstrating how Digital and Urban Regeneration are today in Italy two worlds capable of dialogue.

Program of the inauguration “The Factory of the Future”.

Program and inscription TalkS 2019



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