The new Palazzo della Rovere takes shape

24 March 2023

Today, it presented the project of restoration and redevelopment of the historic Renaissance building, Palazzo della Rovere, designed by architect Giuliano da Sangallo.

The project, a collaboration between the Politecnica team, Ministry of Culture, Comune di Savona, IRE spa and Antonella Agnoli, will create a city cultural centre with a municipal library, spaces for workshops, free reading, events and an urban community centre.

The intervention will include over 5000sm of space, of which 400sm is dedicated to the outdoor areas: the inner courtyard and the green terraces. The most innovative architectonic theme is the big staircase inside the Mullasana tower, which will guide visitors in a vertical path up to the botanical garden on the top

“Thanks to continuous dialogue and collaboration with the authorities, it was possible to develop a sustainable project in respect of the historical, artistic and cultural values of this architectural building for the city.”

– Micaela Goldoni, Coordinator of the Politecnica design team

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