The opening of the New Hospital in Pordenone is closer and closer

16 March 2023

The conclusion of work is coming nearer for the New Hospital of Pordenone. Yesterday, with the President of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, Massimiliano Fedriga, the works on the first of the four hospital wards and the main hall were completed.

The new hospital, with its regular and solid design, consist of four buildings and a innovative technology hub. The design and works supervision, assigned to Politecnica togheter Pinearq, Steam and Cooprogetti, plan the building that will be the site of specialist diagnostic and treatment activities as well as many hospital wards until 2023. Indoor and outdoor spaces, and pathways are designed to simplify accessibility, hospitality and comfort for patients and healthcare staff.

The new hospital will give back to citizens a very important area inside the urban context, a future beating heart of the city.

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