The Roverella Complex is open for public access

15 September 2023

The Roverella Complex in Cesena will be open to the public from today until Sunday. The building becomes a new innovative model of living, inclusive, open and attractive.

The regeneration project signed by Politecnica with De Gayardon Bureau and Studio Mattioli, to be completed in 2026, will give a new way of living, with the aim of promoting social inclusion through activities for the community and sharing multicultural and intergenerational moments.

“This project is a opportunity to transform an important Cesena’s historical-architectural heritage into an inclusive and sustainable place. Working together with people who have been able to study and understand the real requirements of the citizens will help us to respect its history and in the same time convert it into a community-friendly space”. – arch. Alessandro Uras, Politecnica Project Manager

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