Trust in BIM: 3rd OICE Report on BIM tender in 2019

13 February 2020

The number of tenders in BIM is growing significantly from year to year. The number has increased from around 99 procedures in 2017 to 291 in 2018 and a 60% increase in BIM tenders in 2019.

These numbers, presented each year in the relevant OICE Report, indicate a strong growth trend, showing that BIM is increasingly popular not only with design companies and architectural firms, but also with contracting stations.

Politecnica as a reality that has always been sensitive to the potential of digitization in the design and construction sector, participates again this year in the presentation of the 3rd OICE Report on the BIM 2019 tenders taking place today in Rome.

Our CEO and OICE Councillor Francesca Federzoni will present the new Report leaving then space for the interventions of many guests. Among the guests our BIM Manager Barbara Frascari, will illustrate the case study of the Galliera Hospital in Genoa, an ongoing project of Politecnica, born as the first BIM call of Italian healthcare.


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