Webinar: designing the healthcare infrastructure of the future

22 November 2022

“What did we learn from the healthcare emergency experience to orient us in the future design of the region’s hospitals?”

The COVID-19 emergency marked a breakthrough in the design of healthcare infrastructure, showing the necessity of a new, complete and flexible strategies.

After a year of intensive work, today 22 November will reveal the guidelines for health planning in Latin America. Our colleague Claudia Romero together with Ignacio Astorga, Carlos Henriquez Cortez, Ricardo Fabrega, Rolando Quinlan, Belen Ruiz Casares, Maria Celeste Savignano, the doctors and architects who collaborated on this document will present the results of this research conducted and funded by BID (Banco Interamericano de Desarollo).

For Politecnica, participating in this international study is a source of pride and also a great opportunity to promote the company’s skills in the health sector and in the development of abroad projects.