Fibbiana Bridge

Place State Road SS 67 Toscany-Romagna
Country Italy
Client ANAS S.p.A.
Team Politecnica Ingegneria ed Architettura Soc. Coop. with Technital S.p.A. e Studio Associato Matildi+Partners
Assignment Definitive design phase for architecture, structures and MEP for integrated tender
Dates of services 2019 - 2020

The Project

The intervention provides for the construction of a new road linking Fibbiana, Capraia and Limite, located respectively on the left and right banks of the Arno, directly connecting the SGC FIPILI with all the territories located on the right bank of the river.

The road infrastructure, which complies with the “Category C1” requirements of the Ministerial Decree of 05/11/2001, is approximately 1.8 km long and includes the construction of three roundabout intersections and a bicycle path that runs mainly alongside the project road system, for a total extension of approximately 2 km, and which connects and integrates with the existing slow mobility system, consisting of numerous routes along the Arno River.

The main and most iconic work in the project is undoubtedly the New Bridge over the Arno River, with four spans, the largest span being a Langere arch with a mixed steel-concrete deck. The piers were conceived as structures with minimal transversal encumbrance and are only 2 m wide septa; the abutments are about 12 m high and contain the embankment on the back thanks to the curvilinear wing walls about 25 m long.

The structure of the deck is continuous over its entire length and supported by a pair of welded metal beams 2.2 m high and 12 m apart. The structural homogeneity facilitates the assembly of the work, which is characterized by the absence of temporary supports in the Arno river bed at any work stage.

All the elements recovered and combined with the new pedestrian and cycle path create a complex project which, in addition to complying with regulatory requirements, meets all the needs of the area, connecting the two river banks, thus considerably reducing vehicle travel time, and improving the place use in good harmony with micro-polarities and respect of existing social connections.

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